As the fall season begins to really take hold, finding that right type of music that gets you ready for all the holiday madness can be hard to come by. Yet, the folk-pop sounds of Los Angeles based artist Michele Lewis get you in that cozy mood.  However, the Boston native creates music that is good for any occasion and can easily put you in a relaxing state of mind, hence why her fans (and new listeners) gravitate towards her music.

Lewis might not be a household name yet, but the singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar musician will certainly turn heads with her crisp vocals that never sound forced. It’s also a refreshing style, as sometimes the folk scene does not get as much respect from the mainstream as other genres. Yet, Lewis has a certain edge that could change all that.

Now, besides some upcoming dates around the U.S., she is also booking house shows through Fanswell during the month of October. That could extend further, but for now she has open dates anywhere in the U.S.! So if you are feeling a bit chilly and looking for some great entertainment with friends and family, considering hosting Michelle Lewis. You can stream a few of her songs below and if interested, send her a request over at her artist profile page.